One-stop shopping for massive commodities

Step 1

Pick an item

1.Find the product you want to buy on Taobao/Tmall/, copy the link, and paste the product URL link in the search box

2.Enter the product name in the AbcdBuy search box, and select from the recommended Taobao, Tmall and Jingdong products

Step 2

Submit the purchasing agent

AbcdBuy can support the information capture of Taobao/Tmall/ products, you can directly select the color, size and quantity of the product, and click "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now"

For example: "Fill in the purchase order page" appears when purchasing products on the above platforms, you need to fill in the product order information by yourself, and then click "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now"

  • Support foreign currency and RMB multi-currency payment
  • Payment methods include: Paypal, international credit card, WeChat, Alipay, domestic bank card, bank transfer,
  • Fill in the country of delivery and remark the purchase requirements. If you need other services, you can tick the remarks and submit the order after verification.
Step 3

Pay for goods

Submit the purchasing order, select the payment method, pay the price of the product and the shipping fee in mainland China

Step 4

AbcdBuy purchasing agent

AbcdBuy buyers contact sellers to order goods for you

After you pay for the goods, the order request will be pushed to the purchase request on the AbcdBuy platform.

  • During the order purchasing process, you can contact the buyer through "Order Consultation" to supplement the detailed requirements; if necessary, the buyer will contact you via internal letter/email to complete or confirm the information
Step 5

AbcdBuy inspection and storage

Receipt inspection, verify package weight and volume

After warehousing, you can select the package information you want to send overseas and submit the waybill; or continue to purchase goods and submit them to send overseas together after warehousing!

  • When the goods are received and put into the warehouse, we carry out strict and professional inspections, and take pictures of the goods for you to view. If you find any problems, we will feedback you in time and assist you in solving them.
  • The service standard of "inspection and storage" of 1688 purchasing products is different from other purchasing products. For details, please refer to the AbcdBuy purchasing 1688 service description
  • Next, you can submit the goods that have been in the warehouse for overseas delivery (steps 6~9) or purchase more goods and submit them for delivery (repeat steps 1~5, and then continue with steps 6~9)
  • Our warehouse provides 180 days free storage
  • Collect more products and send them overseas, which will save international shipping costs
Step 6

Submit the waybill

In "My Waybill", select the product and click Submit Package, fill in the overseas consignee address information, and choose from the recommended delivery methods

  • Some products are subject to postage restrictions, and not all logistics lines can be sent. AbcdBuy filters out the available delivery methods for you, and you can choose from them
  • We provide unpacking/reinforcement/insurance and other related services, if necessary, we will pack according to your requirements
Step 7

Select address to pay shipping deposit

According to your actual needs, fill in the information of the recipient of the goods, choose the route you think is suitable, and pay the shipping deposit for the order. Select the payment method, pay the international shipping deposit and customs clearance fee

  • The international shipping deposit is calculated according to the estimated weight of the product, the selected shipping method, and the shipping area
  • The final shipping fee is subject to the package volume and weight approved by the carrier, and the difference between the deposit and the deposit will be refunded to your AbcdBuy account after delivery

Step 8

AbcdBuy Shipping

Commodities are combined, packaged, weighed, reinforced, photographed and shipped

  • In the process of international parcel delivery, there will be a small probability of unexpected situations, such as time delay, taxation, damage, confiscated, lost, etc. AbcdBuy cannot control and avoid the service quality and unexpected situations of third-party logistics providers and customs of various countries, but In line with the service concept of putting users first, AbcdBuy will inform you in advance according to the situation of each line and country, and assist you in dealing with problems when they occur.
Step 9

Awaiting delivery

You can check the international logistics track information in My Waybill in the Member Center

  • After the package is signed, points will be sent, and points can be used to upgrade membership levels and redeem coupons!