National tariffs for each country

In general, declared value of package is lower than the tariff threshold, the package normally will not be taxed (but fraud declaration is another matter). If your package is taxed, you need to pay taxes and help clear the customs, but the probability of this situation is very small, only 0.3% of the packages have been taxed so far.

States tariff threshold reference table:

The United States800USD
New Zealand300USD
The United Kingdom
European Union


1.The customs tax threshold of Switzerland is 100 Swiss francs and the VAT threshold is 65 Swiss francs.

2.Canadian, European customs are strict in package inspection. Business express such as DHL has a large chance to be taxed.

3.The number of the item and the weight of the package is the important basis for customs to judge the package as a civil or commercial parcel. A package that is more than 10 kg will be more likely to be seen as a commercial parcel, so when you submit a delivery order, be sure to confirm the weight of your parcel. And a large number of the same item can be regarded as the commercial package, too. So please try separating the single items into different parcels. Besides, limited by customs policy, especially food items, please be careful to send them overseas.

The above information is collected from the Internet data, only for your reference, cannot be the standard guidance.

Customs clearance instructions:

1. The cost of customs clearance for non-tax-free routes shall be borne by the user. Customs inspection of packages is basically in the form of random inspection. If the customs thinks that your package is special (for example, large, heavy or contains sensitive goods, etc.), the customs will generally contact the recipient to provide invoices or customs clearance documents (the cost of customs clearance shall be borne by the recipient). The cost of the package being returned or destroyed due to the inability to contact the recipient or the recipient's failure to actively contact the customs for customs clearance will be borne by the recipient.

Reminder: For purchasing goods, if proof of payment is required for customs clearance, our company only provides proof of a screenshot of the payment order, not proof of invoice receipt.

2. For tax-free line customs clearance, AbcdBuy assists the logistics company to declare and pay taxes. If there are special circumstances, the user is also required to assist in customs clearance. If the user incurs related expenses during the customs clearance process, the user can contact us for reimbursement by relevant certificates.

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