Recharge method

Log into Superbuy and then click “Top Up Now” in the user center.

There are currently multiple paymt methods available for top up. Please see below for details.

Top up with PayPal and International Credit Cards

1. PayPal top up supports 4 kinds of International Credit Card (VISA, Master, American Express and JCB Car) and some banks of nations

2. Whatever currency or account you use, it will be converted into the US dollar when topping up via PayPal and normally transaction is done immediately

3. We will adjust the exchange rate immediately based on the latest one published by Bank of China

4. Handling charge for PayPal is currently 3.5%+US$0.3

Paying with Alipay

1. Alipay is a Chinese leading third-party online payment platform and a related company of Alibaba Group. Alipay is committed to provide "Simple, Safe, Fast" as the Chinese e-commerce online payment solutions.

2. Alipay has now established a deeper strategic partnership with more than 160 Chinese domestic and foreign banks, as well as VISA, MasterCard and other international organizations, as a most trusted partner in the field of electronic financial institutions.

3.No handling charges for Alipay, transaction may be 1-60 minutes delayed to your AbcdBuy account.

Paying with WeChat

1. WeChat payment, a mobile payment product, is launched by Tencent micro-channel mobile social network software and third-party payment platform Tenpay. The payment of Wechat and its security systems are supported by Tencent Tenpay. Tenpay is a third-party online payment platform with internet payment license and completed security system.

2. You only need to bind your bank cards with WeChat. After authentication completed, then enter the password on your mobile phone when you make a payment.

3. WeChat payment supports debit cards and credit cards of the following banks: China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank, China Everbright Bank, China Citic Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, China Guangfa Bank, Ping An Bank Co. Ltd, Industrial Bank Co., Ltd., China Minsheng Banking Co., Ltd. In addition, WeChat also supports credit cards of the following banks: Shenzhen Develop Bank Co., Ltd. and Bank of Ningbo.

4. No handling charges for WeChat payment, transaction may be 1-60 minutes delayed to your AbcdBuy account.

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