Notice of signing parcel.

Precautions for goods receipt

1. Before signing for receipt, check whether the outer packaging of the goods is intact, whether the sealing of the box is intact, and whether there is a significant difference in weight

2. Regardless of whether the package is found to be damaged or torn off, you must inspect the goods in front of the courier before signing, and make a note on the receipt before signing or directly rejecting the sign if there is a problem

3. If the package that is not signed in front of the delivery person is damaged or missing, please keep the outer packing box (including the sealed tape) and report it to the local post office within 2 days after signing (according to the delivery time of the logistics provider website). And provide physical photos and other information to contact us to apply for compensation from the post office for you

4. Please report the abnormal package to the customer service within 72 hours after signing for it.

5. The normal receipt of the goods marks the end of the entire transshipment process. Our company will not be responsible for any situation that occurs after the normal receipt of the goods.

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