What’s the Shopping Agent Service? Why I need it?

It means you need someone else to buy something on behalf of you and deliver it to you.

Because you may are out of China, or you can’t buy the merchandise in your country on your own, or you may get a better price in China or other reasons, that’s why you need Purchase service and that’s how the Purchase service works.

You can find products from the whole of China on major online shopping malls through AbcdBuy and place your order directly without worry the currency.

AbcdBuy supports multiple payment options and currency.

The more convenient, the better.

Advantage of choosing AbcdBuy:

1、Choose all products from the whole of China online.

2、USD, EURO, or other major currency are accepted.

3、Receive your products in 7 days.

4、Excellent return & exchange cargos system.

5、Professional customer service from AbcdBuy while you are shopping.

What kind of situation that I need Purchase service?

1、If you are more prefer China’s product, service, or some particular domestic brand, but you can’t buy it in your country then you will need to purchase service.

2、To get some professional study materials, book in Chinese edition or equipment or other things you want, especially if you are a student or working at a university or institution, no needs to worry about purchase channel anymore.

3、To learn and keep up with China fashion style in clothing, music, poster and other things you want and you need.

4、To get a better price. You can get a cheaper price for most of the products in China than other countries due to the lower labor cost. Also, AbcdBuy is offering you a unique money-saving service.

5、To get slim-fit clothing. No need to bother with the size anymore, find some slim-fit cloth design for oriental.

6、To authorize someone or some companies in China to sell or buy products by auction, just like TAOBAO.

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